Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Water fountain

Mckayla found a new fun game for herself; here it's funny, but with her food...not so much!

Scrunchie face

Mckayla's new cute thing lately is when she is happy or excited she makes this funny smily scrunchie face. I love it! The first one is kinda angry looking but it's just so funny!

And there's the real smile we love!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

So silly

She's soooo funny these days! She's does new silly things every day!
Here she was playing the drums on daddy's head:

Nothing like a good ole water bottle to make a girl happy!

She loves to snack on these little star puff things! We put them in a bowl (and of course that only lasts about 5 seconds then they're on the floor as you can see)

They are so sticky after they've been moistened we find them stuck to things all over the place sometimes! I guess she's saving one for later!

This is her newest thing that is sooooo stinkin cute! Anytime we're on the computer, she comes over and pulls at the computer until we turn it around to show her and when there's pictures of herself on there she goes crazy! She just starts cracking up! I put a slideshow of pictures of her going here and she was cracking me up. She's kinda tired at this point so there's a bit of whining too, but she still goes crazy at the pictures!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lots of fun!

Here's a bunch of recent pics

Crazy after-nap hair

She loves tearing into the magazines!

She flips through them like she's really trying to read them, it's so funny!

This girl LOOOOVES books! She'll sit and flip through all the pages of her books all day!

Coming for mama!!

This little snow suit is actually 3-6 month size but it's sooo cute we decided to try it on to see if it still fit, and sure enough it did! Doesn't she look like the little boy from Christmas Story who couldn't put his arms down after he got all bundled in his snowsuit? SO CUTE!

Laughing at Sesame Street on tv

Just watching tv