Monday, September 20, 2010


Cinderella graced us with her presence! Grandma got her this BEAUTIFUL dress in Disney World and of course some matching glass slippers! So ever since we've been home she has been wearing it non-stop and we have played "Cinderella" more times than I can count. She gives me her wand, tells me she is in the ripped pink dress and I have to bippidy boppidy boo her to get the beautiful blue gown, then I have to bippidy boppidy boo the pumpkin to make a carriage, then we all go to her room for the ball and with her music playing she dances with daddy prince until I make the clock dinging noise for it being midnight and the spell is broken. She runs from the room, "loses" a shoe on the staircase (in the hall) and daddy prince has to go find it and see if it fits her. When it fits her she gives him a kiss and they get married! She is so funny and loves it SOOOOO much! So I guess she is going to be Cinderella now for Halloween!!!!
Oh yeah and now our ENTIRE house is covered in silver glitter! LOL

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Disney World

So I decided that there are just waaaaaay too many pictures to post on here and it is insanely slow to upload them too so I just put them all in my Flickr account where I backup all my pictures anyway and created a link for you to go to so you can look at them all! Be warned, this is literally ALL of the pics, even the not so good ones so you may just want to click through them fast! When the page opens you can just double click on the first picture (or any pic) and it will make it bigger and show the caption below it if I put one and then you can go to the next pictures like that. For some reason a few of the pics are out of order but it doesn't really matter! If the link doesn't work or you have any questions about any of the pics or videos, just let me know, this is the first time I've tried this! So here's the link (I FIXED IT SO YOU CAN JUST CLICK ON IT INSTEAD OF HAVING TO COPY & PASTE):

Overall, we had an AMAZING time, and it was just soooo much to do, we got up early every day and were out late every night. Poor Mckayla fell asleep in her stroller most evenings but she was SO good. She loved everything so much, and her favorite rides were Cinderella's carousel, the tea cups, and Dumbo. It was horribly hot there every day but we survived. Only one storm came through but we hid out in a shop until it passed and then everything was back on! I think the highlight of the trip was eating lunch with the princesses in the castle. When we first got in Mckayla got to meet and get pictures with Cinderella. Then they called us up to the dining area and all the other princesses walked around and met eat group and took pictures. Mckayla was in heaven! All the characters we met loved her because she did her excited arm flapping thing, so if you see blurry hands in any of the character pics, thats why! The other highlight of the trip was Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party. People dressed up in costumes and could trick or treat around the park, they had a special Disney Villains show, parade, and fireworks show. I got videos of the whole show and parade. It was awesome! We did lots of shopping too and somehow managed to get it all packed into our luggage and home! We just did so much that I can't even think of it all to tell so I will do more posts if I think of good stories. Enjoy the pictures and videos for now!!!