Saturday, July 31, 2010

Crib bedding

I think I am in love.....
Chris isn't as head over heels as I am about it, but I love it too much to let it go. I love the bright colors (I saw other pictures and it's actually more vibrant than this picture shows), the fact that it isn't too baby-ish or themed, and I love the palette of colors. PERFECT!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

19 weeks

Wow I look even more massive in pictures! The 18th week has been a week full of changes for me, pregnancy wise. I have had multiple people say my belly really seems to have popped out...and I agree...and I have really been feeling movement from Miss Olivia! Overall I still haven't gained weight (thankfully since I look so huge) so I think so far Olivia is following my original wish for this baby to just absorb her needs from the extra "squish" that I already had/have rather than just packing on a ton more! Haha! Let's just hope things continue to go so well and I don't look like a hot air balloon after 21 potential more weeks of this...uggh! At least I feel like I finally look pregnant than just fat (for the most part anyway)!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lake trip

Last weekend Mckayla and I went to the lake while daddy had a quiet break at home. Mckayla was so excited to ride the boat and go to the beach to build sandcastles, she talked about it most of the drive there! Saturday was a perfect day so we all packed up and headed out! Mckayla was so excited to take the boat out!
She even got to help papa drive the boat!!!
But ended up enjoying most of the ride on the front with Mimi :)
She is such a little fish, she loved kicking around in the water in this little floatie between playing in the sand of course!
Summer had fun pulling her around on rides too
Then when we got back Mimi and Mckayla made a giant sugar cookie for my birthday!
We had a WONDERFUL weekend and were sad to come home...thanks Mimi and Papa for spoiling us all weekend!!! xoxoxoxo


The other day Mckayla was showing us how to be a ballerina by getting on her toes and spinning in circles. The next day we went to Target and found this swimsuit on clearance and she was so excited to get to be a full-fledged ballerina! Here she is showing us her moves:

This next one is her showing us how she kicks out her leg :)
We also found this butterfly headband and wand in the dollar section at Target and they matched PERFECTLY! So now she is a butterfly ballerina!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Well, the wait is finally over and we now know for's another GIRL!!!! The whole ultrasound process only took about 30 minutes and they didn't have any problems at all getting all the shots they needed but of course Chris and I were on pins and needles waiting for her to check the gender. I just KNEW they were going to say boy but it looks like another princess! It was amazing too to see all the parts like her brain, heart, kidneys, fingers, toes, etc. as she measured them all, took pictures, and could even change to a view that showed the blood flow through the heart. It was a big relief to see everything looking perfect! Here's my favorite shot: her adorable little profile:
And for anyone who knows what to look for on an ultrasound to see the gender, here is the proof that she's a girl! These pics are clearer in person but my scanner isn't working so I had to take pictures of my pictures:
Look at that big ole' foot! The sonographer estimated it to be about an inch long...awww :)
More little feet pictures
That's her face on the right, looking forward. This view is always a little creepy looking by ultrasound but at least everything is looking good developmentally!
Mckayla has always been saying that, boy or girl, this baby was going to be called "Baby Cinderella" but actually we are feeling pretty set on the name Olivia at this point. We got the idea from this show that Mckayla watches called Olivia about this cute little girl pig that has a big imagination and loves to dress up and play. We found this shirt at Target and decided it was a must have for big sister Mckayla!
(the tutu underneath is from a pink swimsuit with that tutu attached to it that she was wearing just prior to this shirt being forced over it! Pics of that to come later :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Potty Update

Well the whole potty training thing has NOT been very productive, however she is driving us nuts by wanting her diaper changed the second she pees in it! She doesn't seem to understand how crazy expensive diapers are, especially to be changing them every hour!!! See those two boxes in the background of this pic? FORTY DOLLARS OF DIAPERS. Yeah I know. Anyway, Chris suggested that we get her a little potty of her own rather than just the potty seat that goes on the regular toilet because she says she's scared of the big potty and she likes to have her own of everything. I was all for it at this we took her to Target today and found the PERFECT potty! It is a pink princess potty that has a sensor in the bowl so that when she does her business in there, it plays music!!! Being a self-proclaimed princess, she was thrilled about this potty! So here in this first picture is literally minutes after we got home...she ripped off her clothes and had to try it out! I taught her how to take the seat off and the bowl out to dump it in the toilet to flush it away and she kept practicing this routine over and over. Who knew a potty could be so much fun?!
Chris and I were trying to get things done around the house and she was still going crazy over the potty and wanting us to watch her so we finally had to just walk away despite her arguments otherwise. A few minutes later she came into her room where I was and said "Mama I pee-peed in the potty!!!" Well honestly I wasn't so sure because she has NEVER done this, only accidentally pooped a couple times, but sure enough she had done it! She excitedly took the bowl out to flush it away and we were SO proud of her! She got to pick out a special potty sticker for her special potty book (tinkerbell journal) and she even got to open a potty present that Mimi had left for her for when this day came! She LOVED it! Shortly after that though I had to leave to go to a concert with a friend so when I was gone apparently the obsession with the potty continued. Chris said she refused to get off the potty for nearly the whole night and even for dinner she would run into the kitchen, eat a bite, then run back to the potty. Chris gave up and just took her plate of mac and cheese in there so she could sit on her "throne" and eat. This won't become a habit, so don't worry, but I'm glad she was so excited about using the potty. I even got a call from her saying she went pee-pee on the potty again!

By the time I got home, Chris was exhausted because she refused to get off the potty to go to bed. Good news though, she went pee-pee FIVE TIMES tonight!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay Mckayla! Now if we can just figure out how to convince her it's okay to leave the potty for a bit after she goes...hehehe

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yesterday Mckayla and I planted some flowers in our flower bed! We have been meaning to get some flowers for a long time now but we finally did it and Mckayla was so excited to help me plant them! I was too hot and dirty and sweaty to take pictures of the planting process but here's the finished product! Too bad all our lily blooms are gone from the two plants by the little bushes, they were beautiful! Now we just need to do some work to the other flower's not so pretty right now :) Mckayla is a wonderful little gardener though! We even got her some pink princess gardening gloves so she was all decked out to help me dig in the dirt!

Friday, July 9, 2010


The other day she insisted on wearing some of my clothes and she HAD to match so on her own picked out these black capri pants, this black 3/4 sleeve shirt and my black shoes. It was hilarious!!! She is obviously so proud of herself :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July

On Sunday we met Matt, Wendi, and Emily to eat at Texas Roadhouse then we went back to their house so the girls could play while we waited for the rain to stop.
The girls were so cute loving on eachother!!!
Then around 9 we all got an ice cream craving so we loaded up and went to Braums! We were also kinda hoping to get the girls sugared up a bit since we knew we would be up late to watch the fireworks and we wanted them to stay in a good mood.
Thankfully the rain was over in time for the fireworks so we all went to Hafer Park ball field parking lot and spread out for the show. Mckayla was cracking me up because she kept yelling over and over at every firework "Wow, look at that one! That's a big one!" It was so cute :)

I love this next one because I caught Mckayla mid "WOW!" at a firework!