Saturday, October 31, 2009

2 years old

Here's the BEAUTIFUL pictures Lacey got of Mckayla on Saturday before her birthday party! We went back to the same place we did my maternity photo shoot and we were almost done when a resident there came and told us we had to leave. I guess they have had a problem with kids drinking and making messes out there so they don't allow any non-residents now. We had already gotten some amazing shots and it was getting cold so it wasn't a big deal to leave. These first pictures Lacey got of her at the little playground in my parents neighborhood earlier that day.
I love this one of Brian helping her on the steps!
This first picture is from when I was pregnant, then we re-created it with Mckayla on my lap! When I first saw these together I teared up! So sweet!
Thank you Lacey a million times! These pictures are so wonderful, I don't know how we could ever repay you!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mckayla's 2nd Birthday

My baby is 2 :( I know I shouldn't be sad but I kinda am, just because she is growing up so fast! It was a great day and Mckayla was SO excited for her Finding Nemo themed party...especially her Nemo cake!!!
John, Corey, Brittany, and Pam
The girls were having a blast playing with the balloons!
Emily was being very silly!
She got TONS of awesome presents! Here is a super cute nurse kit we got (I say nurse instead of doctor :)
Abbey and Emily were dying to get into the new gifts but they were sitting there watching so well for awhile....
Lacey and Madison
This beautiful Nemo collectible plate from Grandma and Grandpa!!!
The guests!
Summer just couldn't hold off any longer!!! She was a good helper by bringing Mckayla presents.
Abbey had enough sitting to the side waiting!!!
We got her a step stool and potty seat and she like the stool at least!
Sitting with Papa on the porch
She showed off her Nemo Halloween costume for a bit too :)
Finally cake time!! She liked blowing out the candle.
The girls were SOOO ready for some cake!!!
Happy Birthday baby girl! Thank you everyone for a wonderful party and all the great gifts and to my parents for letting us crash their house for the party and for helping decorate and for getting food AND for being wonderful!


I know I am sooooooo behind on my blogging but we have been very very busy working on our house this week so there may not be too much commentary but the pics are the best part anyway! So here's our trip to Stillwater a week ago Friday to check out all the homecoming stuff! It was a gorgeous day and we started off the day right with lunch at Eskimo Joe's!
This girl has the longest tongue I have ever seen!
This was our favorite house dec:
Lacey took all the rest of these pictures and she got some AWESOME pics! I love them all!!!
The orange fountain in front of the library; the girls did NOT want to leave it!
Thank you Lacey for the beautiful pictures!