Friday, December 17, 2010

Chris's 31st Birthday

Yesterday was Chris's birthday! I worked the night before, so I slept through half of it, but his mom came up and the 3 of them went to the mall for a bit while I snoozed. They came home with a cake and ice cream and then we went and met my parents at Texas Roadhouse (aka the peanut restaraunt as Mckayla calls it!) for dinner. After dinner we went with Chris's mom to look at some Christmas lights in Nichols Hills and then home for the cake and ice cream. Mckayla led us all in singing Happy Birthday to daddy!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Friday, December 10, 2010

38 weeks

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant! I know I have 2 weeks technically until my due date, but we are READY!!!!!

Updates to Olivia's room

I found a couple more things for Olivia's room!!! I got the mirror at Hob Lob and the canvas handprints, I'm proud to say, was my idea! I saw a mommy and me handprint thing online (or blue for daddy and me) and thought "why exclude the other family members by only having 2 handprints on one canvas?" so I thought that was a project I could handle...I got some 8x10 canvas on sale at Hobby Lobby, 5 colors of $0.67 craft paint, and some cute foam letter stickers! I think it turned out pretty cute! Now I'm going to experiment with hanging the butterfly thing from pink satin ribbons instead of having the floating look and maybe cover the metal part with ribbon too. We'll see. And then I've got one more idea brewing for above the crib, but that will come later!!


A few days ago before it got too cold, we took Mckayla to the park in our neighborhood. It was a long walk but we also thought the exercise might help "walk the baby out" too, but obviously that didn't work :) She had a great time riding her bike out there and made a little friend to play with out there too!