Friday, January 29, 2010


This was the lovely mess I woke up to one day after work.....I was scared :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Gamer

My mom got Mckayla this awesome Storybook Workshop game for the Wii for Christmas and we haven't gotten to dive into all of it yet but one day Chris and Mckayla checked it out and found some neat sing a long songs and story reading parts to it! Mckayla had to have her own remote of course too!
I think this next one is adorable!!! Daddy/Daughter play time! hehehe

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I LOOOOVE her hair in a ponytail now!!! Except I think it makes her look older and less like my tiny baby :( She loves her Care Bear shirt too!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Gymboree came out with a new line of clothes with fairies!!!! I was really excited because it was also Gymbucks time so I knew I could get a couple without spending too much, my favorite one we got her says "I believe in fairies" on the front and has adorable little fairy wings on the back! Mckayla loves fairies so I thought she would enjoy fairy clothes too but I had no idea I would get quite the reaction we did when I tried it on her last night....I had her go to our room where the full length mirror was so she could see the shirt. She was a little excited at first....
But then she had to get a better look at those wings back there....
then she got REALLY excited and daddy had to fly our little fairy girl all over the house!!! She refused to take the shirt off after this :)
Mckayla also got this adorable shirt and headband that Wendi made for her for Christmas! I wish I had the craftiness to make such cute things!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mckayla's spot

Here's Mckayla's favorite spot to sit on the couch :)
It's just her size!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter ONE-derland!!!

Last Saturday was Madison's 1st birthday party! We drove up to Brian and Lacey's for the big party and Mckayla was so excited for the "penguin party!" As soon as we pulled up we could see snowflakes hanging down from the front porch and penguins sitting by the door!!! And that was just the start of the ADORABLE decorations! Here's the sign on the front door:
Check out these little penguins Lacey made out of olives and carrots and cream cheese (I think)!!!

The favor bags:
Oh my goodness this cake was AMAZING!!! I so wish I could do this with cakes!!!

Madison tearing into her smash cake:
She loooooved it and ate most of the icing off of it!
Mckayla had been whining for cake the whole party but her demeanor changed pretty quickly when she finally got a piece!
This was the part we had been building up with Mckayla for the past couple weeks; we have been so ready to get rid of Mckayla's pacifiers because she wakes up at night crying for it when it has fallen out of the crib. So we decided we would talk her into giving them to baby Madison for her birthday, telling her that she was a baby and NEEDED them and Mckayla is a big girl and doesn't need it anymore. So we got a little gift bag, let Mckayla gather them all up and put them in the bag for her and give them to her all by herself. The whole car ride there she had the bag in her lap, switching the 3 pacifiers in and out (before she fell asleep). When the time came, she did SOOO good!!! She gave the bag to Madison and handed them to her and didn't fuss about it AT ALL!!! We were so proud of her! And she's doing pretty good without it at home now too, only asking a couple times for it at bedtime!!!

Then Madison had fun with the bag and kept putting things in it and pulling them back out again. Lacey said she's turning into a little sorter too!
It was a great day and an awesome party!!! We were so glad to share in Madison's big day!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Name that movie

Mckayla just walked up to our movies one day and just by looking at the spine of the cases with the teeny tiny little picture on it, she could name every Disney Pixar movie. Even though she hasn't seen some of the movies! The funny part is when she got to ones she didn't know she would say "and this one and this one..." until she got to one she knew again. It was hilarious!