Saturday, March 28, 2009

So much fun

This is our viewpoint when little miss wants to be picked up...who could resist that cute face?

Today Mckayla was super whiny (teething) so to distract her from grabbing at my legs to be picked up while I was trying to clean some dishes, I gave her a bowl of bubbles from the dishwater. She loved it! And the best part was it kept her entertained for at least 15 minutes!
At this point she had dumped the bowl of bubbles on her head and given them a taste (hence the bubbles on her chin) And you can see those top two chompers coming in too!!!
Here she's pointing out the duck on her head to us. Telling her that she would get to have a duck on her towel was the only way I could get her out of the bathtub without crying!
This first video is from yesterday when Mimi came by to play for awhile. Mckayla loves to look at pictures but today she was especially interested in seeing and saying "Abbey." She pointed out all the pictures of her in the living room and then the ones in the kitchen, all the while saying "Addey" the whole time. She also points out the magnets with pictures of her as a newborn and says "baby" twice. I guess she needs to see her cousin Abbey soon!!!

Here is another distractor from today's whining-fest. I was trying to pay bills and such and she was once again crying at my legs so I gave her the calculator to play with. It was soooo funny though because she just sat on the floor "tickling" the calculator over and over and over for like 30 minutes! She'd talk to it and press all the buttons like she was "tickling" it. I was cracking up!

Monday, March 23, 2009


She's been really into shoes lately and any time she's in our room she thinks it is sooo much fun to try on our shoes. She even tried to walk in them but that didn't work so well as you can imagine!
She got these cute new slip on shoes and this was the first time she had worn them and she loved how the clomped on the tile so she just kept walking around the house stomping like this. Chris said she's in training for Riverdance!

Friday, March 20, 2009

New hair

Okay I got my hair chopped off today! It's way shorter than I've ever had it but I think I like it! I'm going to have to experiment with it for sure but I love the feeling of less hair! The bangs didn't turn out quite like I expected and they are kind of annoying in my eyeball but oh well, it helps the look!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ball Popper

Tonight Mckayla was just running around being her super cute and silly self so I grabbed the camera and just snapped away for awhile. I haven't been taking enough pics lately so hopefully you'll be seeing more new shots more often. I also have been getting sad about how few pics I have of ME with with my baby girl! I'm ALWAYS the one behind the camera so I tried to take one myself of us, then I made Chris take one too. They didn't turn out too bad, Mckayla always looks cute at least :)

I love these new jammies we got for her, she looks like an Easter egg!!!

The funniest part of the night was when she was in her room playing. She started out just playing with her toy phone that is a part of her kitchen but then she was standing in the corner by her ball popper and starting pointing at it and whining. I knew immediately why because she does this often...the phone had been dropped into the ball popper. And like usual she turns the thing on and gets upset when the foreign object does not come popping out like the balls do. So the pics below are a progression of the process:
1. Playing with the phone

2. Phone in the ball popper
3. Add a muffin to the ball popper too
4. Add a big spoon too
5. Got the spoon out, now I want the muffin back
6. Got the muffin out but that darn phone is still stuck!

This process finally ended with mama to the rescue, retrieving the trapped phone. She's so silly!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My girl

Just some random shots of her from tonight while she was watching...what else...a Sesame Street video :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

New slide

Today we got Mckayla a slide so she can finally have something to play with outside! Actually her Papa went and picked it up for us from someone's house that was selling it on craigslist. Up until today Mckayla has even been weary about playing in the grass because she's never really been in the grass before! She ran around everywhere, picking at weeds and flowers, and was fascinated with a tiny little bug that was sitting on the side of the slide. These first pics were from earlier in the day when she was playing in the living room.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Alphabet toy

So we've had this Sesame Street alphabet toy for a looooong time that was handed down to us from Summer. It's kind of annoying because there's no off switch and if anything is set on it or falls on it it pushes the letters and the dang thing starts randomly talking. But after all this time of finding a place to stash it, it has finally become the "it" toy for Mckayla. We didn't pull it out specifically for her to practice words but we just heard it going off one day while she was in her room playing and we peeked in to find her sitting on the floor by the closet pushing the different letters and "saying" the words after the toy says them. She really was trying to say the words too! She definetely knows how to say "apple" but the other words are just a cute babbly version. She has a pretty good version of "umbrella" though that you can hear her say a couple times in this video. Of course the camera is a bit distracting from the toy so this isn't her best versions of the words, but it's still cute! And check out that belly in her jammies! We LOOOVE it! How could you not though :)