Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mckayla talking

The past couple days Mckayla has really started talking. It is so funny, especially when she did it while she was eating! She must have gotten that skill from her mommy :) Here's a little sample of what she does. When she gets going sometimes though, she will just babble on and on to herself. She also loves playing with her hands now and grabs on to things, which she is doing to this dress. I guess we'll have to stick with outfits that snap down for now so she's not lifting her top and letting that cute belly hang out! So cute!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Monthly Growth

She's getting so big!

Here she is at 8 days old:

1 month 1 week old:

2 months 1 week old:

3 months 6 days old:

and here's another one from today that I thought was pretty silly. She was so excited and kicking her legs so much!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

All bundled up

We went on a little outing tonight and it is SOOO cold we bundled Mckayla up in all her new winter gear. Cutest ever!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


So we've been giving Mckayla some play time on the floor on her play mat, which as you can see is brightly colored with lots of hanging toys and a mirror to see herself in too. She seems to enjoy it all for short time periods, but despite all those fun toys she really just stared at her birdie toy that her Mimi (my mom) got for her. This has always been her favorite toy and it will hold her attention for quite awhile. Its tummy is white with black dots and when you squeeze it it makes realistic bird chirping noises. She just loves it!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy girl!!

Chris got these SUPER cute pictures of her smiling...finally! Her new thing is to stick her tongue out all the time too when she is happy. I love it!

First Laugh!

Mckayla gave us her first adorable little laugh tonight! I was holding her in my lap facing the tv (one of her favorite things to do is watch tv) and Chris came up to her and started making silly faces and noises and she was smiling like crazy and then all of a sudden we heard a cute little laugh! No belly laugh or anything yet but it was definetely a laugh! She did it again a couple times after that but not as clear as the first one. She's been making the face like she wants to laugh, smiling then opening her mouth real wide and getting excited, but no noise has come out until tonight. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen! Maybe someday I can get video of it, but don't hold your breath because I still haven't gotten a really good picture of her smiles, I never want to run for the camera when she's smiling at me or she stops smiling and just stares at the camera when I do have it. Someday I'll get it!!!

Here's a cute picture of her with Chris from the other night. He holds her like that in his lap for the longest time and she either watches tv or looks back and forth at everthing or the fan. She's so interested in things now, we love it!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Big girl

I thought this looked like such a big girl outfit! We went up to the hospital today so I could put myself on the schedule to start working again :( I'm going to work one 8 hour shift a week until I start back full time with 12 hour shifts on January 22. So I'm working 11pm-7am this Friday, next Friday, and the next one after that. I'm so depressed I have to start working again!

Here's a video I took a few nights ago of Mckayla getting excited and kicking her legs a hundred miles per hour. She does that a lot now and it is so funny because sometimes she gets this really serious look on her face while she does it like she is trying soooo hard to kick as hard and fast as she can! She really loves to look at the ceiling fans now too. She stares and smiles for the longest time. That's what she was doing when I took this video clip.