Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby Animals

While we were in Duncan last week, Grandma and Grandpa took Mckayla to a store up there that had baby chickens, ducks, turkeys, and bunnies! Mckayla was so excited to see them! I have to admit I kinda wanted one of the little ducks myself :)

We didn't leave with any new animal friends but she did get her own little chair with a duck on it and this pinwheel!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Mckayla has been asking and trying to get in her crib by herself lately and we have been talking to her about making her bed into a big girl bed so last night we decided to just do it! I have been following the philosophy of keep em in the crib til they start to climb out but she's a big girl and wants a big girl bed! Plus I want her to get used to a bed so eventually I can step it up to a twin size bed and I can use her super cute Pottery Barn princess bedding I've had for her forever!!!! I don't worry about her getting out and getting into stuff around the house because she's never been like that anyway, we just worry about her getting up more at night and not sleeping as long or as well. Well night one proved us wrong!!! She did AWESOME! Slept til her normal 10:00ish and only got out of her bed a couple times right after we told her to go to bed because she was getting her care bears to put in bed with her. Actually, she was so excited about the big girl bed she kicked Chris out of her room and wouldn't let him do the normal bedtime routine of books and rocking in the chair before bed. She literally escorted him out of the room and shut the door behind him! She's so silly :) Here's the pics I got right after I finished putting it all together:

Here she's trying to figure out the best way to get down...I told her to go backwards but she didn't quite get it... (even though she was like 6 inches from the floor and can climb up and down chairs/couches/our bed without even thinking about it)
...So she decided to just step down

It really was funny because she was being so slow and careful that first time! But she did it and was so proud of herself!!!
Now back up for more! She proceeded to practice getting up and down over and over and over...
We snuck in after she was finally asleep and it was so sweet but kinda sad too to see our baby looking like such a big girl :*)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


We were SO excited for the nice weather and to go to the Zoo to see the new baby giraffe!!! Grandma came with us too and we had so much fun!!! Isn't the baby soooo cute? I'm glad human babies don't come out weighing 150 pounds and over 6 feet tall!!!
Then the deer kept poking their noses through the fence at Mckayla! I think they wanted some goldfish crackers...
Checking out the cats...
Giving the tiger a hug :)
Her first Merry Go Round!!!! She loved it so much that she cried when it was over.

We got denied entrance into the new Children's Zoo because we weren't Zoo Friends members, I guess it's open to the public on Friday, so we went to their playground instead. Mckayla had tons of fun there too so I guess it wasn't too big a loss. Next time we'll check it out I guess!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


The weather is FINALLY gorgeous!!! So we let Mckayla ride her new bike to the park in our neighborhood! Have I mentioned how AWESOME this new bike is with the handle that pushes and steers it? Yeah, it makes it so easy and Mckayla can still practice pedaling if she wants, and she finally started to figure out how to do it! Next we just have to teach her to do it for real and make herself go rather than with us pushing too!
She is getting really good at climbing and going down slides now. Anytime we even drive by a slide anywhere she says "See that slide?....I wanna ride it!!!" She's so silly :)

She had a blast on this thing too that spins around in circles....mama and dada got to ride with her too :)

She couldn't quite figure this thing out...
Up the steps for more!!!
The only way we could convince her to leave was to promise we could come play on the slide and in her playhouse in the backyard as soon as we got home :)


Mckayla was SOOOO excited to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house to not only get spoiled but to chase Daisy!!!! She kept saying this over and over..."I'm gonna chase Daisy!!" then giggle like crazy!!! She loves that dog!

Grandma also got her an egg coloring kit to decorate Easter eggs! There were stickers and all kinds of other decorations, but all she really wanted to do was dip each egg in all the colors..over and over and over!
The lower half of each egg ended up being a brownish color after all the double dipping :)
Then I showed her how to turn them over and do the other side too
She was very proud!
She let mama decorate a few eggs too :)
Here's the finished products!!!