Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our beautiful baby girl

Here are some of the pictures from the photo shoot Lacey did for us last Saturday. There were so many good ones it was hard to pick just a few to post on here! Lacey is so talented with photography, we are SO lucky to have her to capture these priceless moments with our new little angel! Thank you sooooo much again and again, we love you Aunt Lacey!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More cuteness

She always has those fingers in her face!

Just got her hair washed

This is after her bath in the little jacket and pants her daddy picked out and bought for her. We realized we didn't hardly have anything that fit her because she is so tiny so daddy bought her some premie size clothes. The hood was perfect after her bath to keep her head warm (plus it is just so cute!)

Mckayla and Mckayla

We plan to take a picture of her every month next to her Mckayla doll to show how much she grows.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Today Mckayla got the most wonderful and beautiful gift from her great Grandma and Papa McKay. Her great-Grandma makes the most amazing quilts and she made one for Mckayla that is the most beautiful one I have ever seen. It nearly brought tears to my eyes when I saw it and I just had to share it with everyone. It has the neatest little "peek-a-boo" blocks that each have some portion of a fabric with cute little animals on it. It is our absolute favorite colors and as you have seen by the pictures of her room, we LOVE jungle animals!!! We can't express enough how much we love it and how lucky Mckayla is to have such a wonderful and talented great Grandma!

First outing

We finally decided to brave a journey out into the world, away from our safe haven of home! This was yesterday's timeline for the huge process of getting ready to leave the house for the first time since we got home from the hospital last Saturday. All we were going to do was go to Hallmark and pick up some milk from Braum's, but it was a long ordeal to get ready anyway! First, our day started out lazy and cuddly (our favorite thing to do in the mornings) as this first picture shows. Here it is around 12:30 p.m.

Her nap time also coordinated with mommy prep time of showering, hair washing/drying/fixing and getting dressed and ready. After her nap and her lunch, we decided to give her a quick hair washing. This picture is around 2:30 p.m.

After the bath, the dressing, and all the preparing, we finally got loaded up in the car seat. First she woke up and screamed but daddy was able to calm her back to sleep without taking her out of the car seat. Here it is around 3:30 p.m.

So we survived our first outing and here is when we got home. As you can see, she slept the whole time, but that entire days worth of timing feeding with napping to hopefully ensure sleep while we were out was all for an hour long trip; this was when we got home at 4:30 p.m.

Whew! What a full day!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cuter every day!

I know all of the pictures we have are of her sleeping but she just looks SO sweet!

SO worth the wait!!!!

This is our favorite way to cuddle

It might be kinda hard to tell by the picture, but here she is stretching and it cracks us up because she loves to stretch and stiffen her arms and legs and it looks like she is about to bust out of the bottom of this little outfit!

She has been so wonderful and we cherish every second with her. She seems to be very good natured, she only cries when she is hungry or getting her diaper changed, she eats like a champ, and lets us get pretty good sleep at night. What more can you ask for?!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lazy day

Today was a wonderfully lazy day for us. As you can see Daddy got really comfortable cuddling Mckayla!

Our beautiful sleeping angel

Here she is cuddling up to Mommy's leg. If we aren't just taking turns holding her while she sleeps, laying her on this little pillow next to us is as far away as we will put her down. We just don't want her out of arms reach!

Monday, October 22, 2007

A day of cuddling

Sunday was a great day because we just spent all afternoon on the couch together relaxing. Chris and I put Mckayla on this soft little pillow to sleep between us on the couch but as you can see by the picture, she slowly worked her way closer and closer to daddy. It was so cute!

I got a little jealous and had to get some mommy time in. I love how her little booty is sticking up in the air!

She's Home!!!

Here are a few pics of Mckayla's first day home with mommy and daddy!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A family of three!

Mckayla has finally arrived! We didn't think it was ever going to happen but Friday, October 19 was the day! I woke up at 2:45 in the morning with pretty frequent contractions but I didn't get too excited because I wanted to make sure it was real. 4 hours and more pain later I decided it had to be the real deal so we called a few people and told them we were probably going to head to the hospital. We got there at around 8:45a.m. and got checked in to the triage area and they checked me out and it turned out I was already dilated to a 6-7! They got me into a labor and delivery room and by the time my midwife arrived and checked me again a couple hours later I was a 9 and I just continued on without any sort of epidural or pain medicine. After A LOT of extremely undescribable pain, Mckayla made her appearance at 2:43p.m. She weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long. She has dark blue eyes and a lot of hair too that is surprisingly a darker brown with blonde highlights. She is SOOO beautiful!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

One down, one to go!

Let me start by going back a few months...before we knew if we were having a boy or girl, I found a Cabbage Patch Newborn baby doll on Ebay named Mckayla that was so cute, but it sold before I could ever decide if I should get it or not. Then we kinda started checking them out every once in awhile at Wal-Mart when we thought about it, to see if we could ever find another Mckayla and once again we found one but we didn't want to pay for it before we even knew what we were having, so we passed on it. Of course the moment we found out we were in fact having a girl, we've never been able to find one again...until tonight!!! We ran by Target to get a couple things tonight and decided to check the Cabbage Patch and of course NOTHING good, but then I looked up to the overhead and there rows and rows of them stacked 3 high so we tried to peek at the names on the bottom row and I thought I saw a Mckayla but maybe spelled differently so Chris carefully pulled it out without knocking them all on us like an avalanche and sure enough it was Mckayla spelled correctly and all!

Check out how PERFECT she is! Cute pink outfit, bright blue eyes (like Chris), cute little dimples (also like Chris), a little zebra book and finger puppet (fits my love of zebras/zebra print), and her birthday is the day we found her! FATE I tell you!

Chris decided to practice his "daddy skills"

Now we just need the real version to arrive!!!