Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just playin'

Here's a little clip of Mckayla playing on the floor. She just rolls back and forth and plays with anything she can get her hands on! We got her a little Easter ball and she loves it, but when she reaches for it she ends up hitting it and it gets further from her reach! But she just keeps on trying!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

High chair

We've been feeding Mckayla rice cereal off and on for the past few weeks, but the past couple times she has had a very bad reaction to it and ended up throwing up many times. But she got pretty good at using the spoon so we are going to try oatmeal and vegetables pretty soon so we decided to finally put together her high chair. She's not sitting up on her own very well yet so it's nice that the high chair has a slightly reclined setting but the best part is the cool toy it comes with! It has all kinds of lights and music and it can attach to the tray. She's too little to reach it yet, as you can see, but she still liked it and it won't be long before she's big enough for it!

Where's Mckayla?!

This was earlier in the day, it cracked me up because she was just sitting there with her burp cloth in her mouth staring at me!

She is ALL over the place now and she loves to be in just her diaper so she can grab her legs and toes.

On a side note, I weighed her today and she is 15 pounds 6 ounces! That is with her clothes and diaper on, but still she is getting so big!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monthly growth

It's ALREADY that time again for another monthly growth picture with Cabbage Patch Mckayla! Here they are from 8 days old to now 5 months 6 days old:

Those thighs are getting squishier and squishier, I love it!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

First Easter

The Easter bunny came to see Mckayla this morning!!! He even left goodies for mommy and daddy in there too :)


Mckayla really started grabbing her toes last night, we changed her clothes and she really seemed to enjoy being in just a diaper so we let her roll around on the floor for awhile and she just started grabbing her knees then her toes! She normally isn't bare footed because it's cold or she's got her jammies on with the feet on them so I think she hadn't had much of an opportunity to really find them before. Look at those chubby rolls too!

"Hi Cookie monster!"

Friday, March 21, 2008

Roly Poly

Well our baby girl is 5 months old now if you can believe it! She is so much fun now and has such a little personality, every day is an adventure. She has really mastered rolling in both directions now, so much so that I had to lay out a quilt for her to have plenty of room because she would get stuck on the play mat with the things that go overhead. It's so funny to watch her (and she is doing this while I'm typing this) because she rolls over and over and ends up going in circles all over the quilt. It's hilarious! Here's a little sample of her work:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Having fun

We went to my parents house for dinner the other night and when we were leaving Chris grabbed his water bottle and I said to let Mckayla hold it because she always grabs for our drinks when we are holding or drinking them and she grabbed it like this and held on for most of the way home!

Daddy is the best at getting pictures of her smiling!

We got out this water filled toy last night so she could try it out and she stared at it for the longest time, but wasn't quite sure what it was all about! (I didn't notice at first how her hair looks crazy in the first one!)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First walk

We finally took Mckayla on her first walk around the neighborhood today. The weather is SO gorgeous it was perfect! She loved it too, especially the trees and birds!

Here she is looking up at a tree, she did this every time we went under one.

"oh, hi Mr. Birdie are you enjoying the weather too?"

Home again

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More fun pictures

When she is REALLY asleep, the pacifier falls out of her mouth but this time it somehow ended up on her head and eye. She didn't seem to mind though!

Holding and studying her seahorse

More tummy time!

Smiling at daddy

I was just about to put her dress on and I pulled out the camera and she had this hilarious deer-in-headlights look! It's so hard to get pictures of her smiles because as soon as I pull out the camera she just stares at it instead of me.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dressed up for Jack

Today was fun because we got to meet my friend Laryn's baby boy, Jack, who is only 4 days older than Mckayla. We went to nursing school together, worked together, and found out we were pregnant at the same time therefore having the same due date! After graduation she moved to Texas so we hadn't gotten to meet eachothers baby yet. Her and her husband were in town today so we had to get the babies together for the first time! We met at Babies R Us and had a quick visit so I don't have any pictures of them together but here's some of Mckayla all dressed up for him. We are really excited that they are moving back to Oklahoma so we can play together all the time!

Some other news, we are excited because Mckayla rolled over from her back to her tummy (like she does every time right after she is laid on her play mat) and THEN she rolled from her tummy back over to her back for the first time on the floor yesterday!!! YAY!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


She's getting more and more mobile now! She rolled over on the bed for the first time tonight so now we really don't want to leave her unsupervised! Then she was doing tummy time on her boppy play pad facing forward and playing with the toys attached to it, then I looked down a few minutes later and found her like this! She had squirmed completely off of being propped up on the pillow part and turned herself sideways! As you can see she wasn't having too much fun anymore by this point though!

Monday, March 3, 2008

She did it!!

On the 4th night of trying cereal, she figured out the spoon! We were so surprised because we thought it would take much longer. I left her in this chair to feed her this time because it is slightly reclined and I made the cereal really runny because I figured it would need to just be poured in since she didn't know how to eat off the spoon, but boy was I wrong! It was messy but she sucked it off the spoon! After this video when she ate all of that batch I decided to make more and make it a lot thicker to see how she did. It was thick enough that she had to get it off the spoon herself, I couldn't just pour it in, and she ate it off so fast, she fussed in the one or two seconds it took me to get more on the spoon for her! I wasn't getting it to her fast enough! We are so excited she did it so fast! Way to go Mckayla!

This is her new thing now to pull out her pacifier, look at it and play with it then stick it back in her mouth. Most of the time she doesn't get it in her mouth straight, but here she was plopping it in and out over and over. It was hilarious!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

So silly

Chris got her to laugh making a silly pig noise. She never laughs out loud, she just makes the face like she is and sound never comes out! You can also see her smacking her bottom lip which is her new thing now too.

I am soooo cool

Having fun laughing at daddy

Good nights rest

Well for the past week we have been working with Mckayla to sleep all night, usually aiming for 8 hours. She normally only woke up once a night, but she needed to learn to sleep longer at night. All week we have seen slow improvement; we put her to bed and she cries herself to sleep after only 10 or so minutes and then in the middle of the night she woke up twice a couple nights then just once. Each time though got shorter and shorter, we'd just give her the pacifier to help soothe her to sleep faster. Friday night when I worked Chris said she did cry for a bit when he put her to bed but at night she only barely made noise a couple times but not crying, mainly just wanting her pacifier, and she was still asleep when I got home at 8 so that was over a 9 hour night! Yay! But the absolute best was last night. I fed her around 11pm and she played for about 30 minutes or so then got tired so I held her and swayed with her for about 5 minutes and she started to fall asleep so I laid her in her bed and she went right to sleep, no crying at all!!!!! The best part is she didn't make one peep ALL NIGHT!! She didn't wake up until 7am and then went back to sleep after I fed her then! WOOHOO we did it! Hopefully it will continue but it seems like we got her used to it!