Friday, February 20, 2009

Trip to the zoo

We took Mckayla to the zoo today and it was so much fun! She was soooo good the whole time and really had fun seeing some of the animals.
We got to see the tigers up close which was really cool but the best part was that as soon as Mckayla saw it she started growling at him! It was too cute!

She LOVED the ducks, she would make her quacking noises every time she saw them

But the best part of the visit was the giraffes! This one was literally right at the fence in front of us. He kept sticking his tongue through the fence trying to get at a leaf! It was really neat to see him up so close.
This other boy that was there was brave enough to pick up a leaf and the giraffe ate it from his hand! Check out that tongue!!!!

Look at his tongue wrapped around the leaf! CRAZY!
It was a fun day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New swimsuit

Mimi and Papa got Mckayla the CUTEST new swimsuit for this year! It looks like a little dress! She really enjoyed parading around the house in it too, especially when I gave her her sunglasses!

And right now she's playing peek-a-boo with the skirt part! She's so silly!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A bundle of fun

She always pulls down the kitchen towels, blankets, or just clothes she finds and puts them on her head and walks all over the house. This first one reminds me of when Abbey was little and would walk around as the "pink ghost" with her blanket over her head!

Her latest thing is she tries to crawl all the way into the bottom of the tv stand to get to the dvd sets I have pushed all the way in the back. It's so funny though because she knows she's not supposed to do it so she'll climb in like this and just lay there for a minute or so before grabbing anything, like we won't notice she's doing anything! So sneeky!

Aunt Lacey and Uncle Brian got her a whole set of doll sized rainforest accessories, like a stroller, playpen, bouncy seat, etc. for her first Christmas and we just put the stroller together since she's big enough now to walk it around. It's SO cute it looks like a mini replica of the real stuff! There's even a working toy for the doll to watch and play with! It's a little tall for her to see over but she still loves pushing it all over the place!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sweet girls

On a happier note, yesterday was actually a really great day because we went to visit Brian, Lacey, Abbey, and Madison. It's been a month since I've seen her and Chris and Mckayla's first time to meet her. Mckayla was in a great mood and had a lot of fun there playing with Abbey. The girls were so cute together and at one point they were even hugging eachother! SO CUTE! Mckayla was really sweet with Madison too, I was afraid she would get jealous of me holding another baby but Chris sat her by us a couple times and Mckayla squealed at her and smiled so big and one time she even rubbed her back! She did it so gently too, I was afraid she'd be really rough with her but she just tugged her clothes a couple times and mainly just watched her. Madison pretty much slept the whole time so I did my part to give her some serious snuggles! She's a sweet baby and we had so much fun playing all day!


Cora Playground

To donate to the Cora Playground fund, see for an address for the church or a link to donate with a credit card through paypal.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cora Paige

Today my life changed forever and I am left heartbroken and yet feeling so so blessed at the same time. My sister-in-law had heard through someone else about this family in Kansas that has a blog had been reading lately. This family is of no relation to me or anyone I know but after reading their posts, I feel deep pain for what they have gone through. I will post the link to their blog at the end of here but be warned that it is the hardest thing that I've ever read and was left weeping at the end. In summary, they took their nearly 11 month old daughter, Cora, to the doctor 17 days ago for a check-up for what they thought was her 3rd ear infection of lately. After many questions and further testing it was determined that she was not suffering from recurring ear infections, but she had stage 4 cancer tearing through her tiny body. They immediately took her to the hospital and spent the past two weeks going on a roller coaster ride of procedures, pain, surgeries, hope with improvement, then setback after setback. Their post this morning brought the worst imaginable news by simply saying "Cora is with Jesus today." Please keep in mind that this was a happy family just SEVENTEEN days ago and their lives were forever changed in an instant. Please be grateful for the blessings in your life and remember that you never know what tomorrow will bring so make sure you live life to it's fullest today. Tell everyone in your life how much you love them and keep this family in your prayers. They say there is going to be a memorial fund set up to build "Cora Playground" and I requested information to how/where to contribute so I will post it here if they leave more information and anyone wants to help out.
The McClenahan family blog:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

First trip to the park

Today we took Mckayla out in her new wagon and we decided to take her to the park that's in the neighborhood. She was too cute because she wore her little sunglasses the whole time!
She liked the swings!

The play equipment was too big for her so she mostly just wanted to walk around and explore the place. She wouldn't put down her snacks or sippy cup for most of the time though!

We need to get her a slide that's her size so she can play more outside at home!