Friday, October 31, 2008

More fun

Mckayla got these two wooden Care Bear puzzles for her birthday from her Aunt Lacey and Uncle Brian and she just loves them! She picks the pieces up and back down onto the board like she's really trying to put it together! She'll sit there with them and do that over and over for the longest time!
Here she gathered up every single piece

She also learned a new thing from her friend to do TOUCHDOWN! It's so funny because we say it and hold up our hands then she does it too and starts clapping afterwards

And here's a better video of her walking and standing with her walker. She's getting better and better!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Growing so fast!

Well our baby is a year old and it seems like as soon as her birthday got here she really did grow up so much more! She got her own little chair for her birthday from my parents and she already figured out how to climp up in it and stand up holding on to the back. She gets so excited over her accomplishment and just grins so big and waves to us. It's so cute! Except she thinks she can just dive off of the chair head first!

She LOVES bathtime so we got her a couple new bath toys for her birthday too. One of them is a bath-ketball toy that suction cups to the side of the tub and it has 3 squirty basketballs that she can dunk into the little net. She loves balls so that was our appeal to the toy and sure enough she loves it and she figured out how to dunk it in no time!

Most exciting thing is that in the past week she's really started letting go of things when she is standing up and puposefully standing on her own! Then tonight we got out her little walker to see if she'd try it - before she would stand with it but the second it moved she'd plop down to the ground - and she just took off walking with it like it was nothing! I got a little video of it but I ended up grabbing the other video camera to record more when she was just going from one end of the living room to the other - over and over and over - so this is all I got that I could post on the blog:

She'll be walking anytime now I'm sure! It's just crazy because a week ago she showed no interest at all in even standing on her own, never-the-less walking! I'll post more video as we get it! Go Mckayla Go!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mckayla'a 1st Birthday!

Sunday our baby girl turned ONE!!! We had a Care Bears themed party and it was so much fun! Mckayla got some GREAT presents and had fun playing with Abbey, Emily, and Jack! Thank you everyone for making her 1st birthday such a special day!

Emily the Care Bear


Abbey checking out Mckayla's new jump and spin zebra - this toy was a hit with the kids!

Cake time!!! Abbey was so patient waiting to get cake, she walked in the door ready to eat it!
Then they had to go check out Mckayla's cake too! Mckayla wasn't too interested in the cake, she just poked at it a few times then wanted out of the highchair.
Some of the gifts: jump and spin zebra, a rocking chair from her Grandma and Grandpa, a monogramed little suitcase from her Aunt Lacey and Uncle Brian, the cutest toybox EVER from her Grandma and Grandpa, and an ADORABLE pink chair (which as I type she is climbing up and down out of and laughing about her accomplishment)

There is so many more cute pics but too many to post! Thank you again to everyone for the fun presents and to Brian for taking all the pictures at the party for us and to Lacey for video taping! WE LOVE YOU ALL!

Monday, October 20, 2008

1 year photo shoot

Lacey took some more INCREDIBLE pictures of Mckayla a couple weeks ago for her 1 year pictures! We also got pictures of her in her Care Bear costume! She wasn't too into the photo shoot by the you can see by the last picture with the cake! That was actually the end of the photo shoot after we'd done all the other ones so she was just sick of it all. It was sad, but she had fun with the cake for a little while at least! Thank you Lacey again for doing such an amazing job getting these beautiful pictures of out Mckayla bear! We love you so much!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Today was my first Saturday off work in around a month and a half and this was a great Saturday to be home for all the big football games! First was OU/Texas...and we all know how that one turned Mckayla was dressed in her pink OU outfit that Chris picked out for her, but there was quick change of clothes after the game because daddy was a little upset with OU. That was fine by me because her OSU outfit was much cuter :) At least the night ended on a great note! GOOO COWBOYS!!!

Mommy was in a great mood!

.....daddy not so much

She's just so stinkin cute in anything she wears!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Monthly growth

A little late posting for this month but here they are....
8 days.............................1 month

2 months........................3 months

4 months....................5 months

6 months.....................7 months

8 months....................9 months

10 months

11 months old!!!
SHE'S ALMOST ONE!!!! I just can't believe it!