Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just more Mckayla

The other night Mckayla started crawling on the floor with her face on the wipes box, just sliding it along the floor. She's so silly!
She also loves to help clean out the dishwasher, even though it is a bit scary when she's holding all the breakable dishes!
She was in the corner where all her toys are and she was being so quiet so I peeked over there and she had picked out all her little people and lined them up on the futon arm
And here's a little clip of her new favorite word..."No!" While it's nice she can tell us what she wants and she says it in such a cute way, sometimes it's not so cute to here "no, no, no" to everything!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I know I'm super late posting about Easter but I have been lazy about downloading pictures. Anyway, we had a really fun day, Chris's parents came to visit and between their goodies, our Easter bag for her (the polka dot one with her name on it) and the bag from my parents, she got loaded up with good stuff!!! She loved digging through it all and playing with the little toys. Her favorite was the Easter eggs though, she loved opening up and seeing what kind of little treasure was inside!
I put a bunch of crackers in one of the egg halfs and she carried that thing around forever munching on those things!
Most exciting was the playhouse his parents got for her! Chris and Tom had to put it together in the garage since it was a rainy day because I wanted Mckayla to be able to check it out as soon as it was ready! She loved the working doorbell, she would ring it, go inside, come back out, ring it again, and repeat that process.
She liked opening and closing the shutters on the window too.
She got really excited when she peeked in the window and saw the inside!
It's so cute on the inside, it has a "fireplace" (sticker) a sink, a table, a clock with moveable hands, and a phone that makes sounds.
No visitors please! Chris's mom tried to go in once and Mckayla said "no, no, no" until she came out! I guess she knows it's her house!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Really fun day

Today was a REALLY great day! We had so much fun together and Mckayla was in the best mood and being even funner than ever! First we went to the mall to meet the Easter bunny! As you can see Mckayla was not so excited about it...
She didn't scream and cry like she did with Santa! Just some really sad whimpering and reaching for me. Then we got home and I saw a big box on the front porch and knew immediately what it was....the table and chairs set I ordered for her!!! I was planning on waiting until her birthday to get her one, but she's been showing signs that she was ready for one a lot lately. It's hard to tell by the picture but it's a really soft pink color and it's real wood so its very heavy and sturdy. I put it together while Mckayla napped.
When she woke up the first thing she asked for was Ra-ra (a.k.a. Elmo) so I let her hold a dvd case then we made our way to the living room for the surprise. Daddy even brought in her tea set to make it complete! She loved it! (but wouldn't let go of the Elmo dvd)
Making some tea:
I love this one because she really looked like she was trying to pour the teapot!
So the table was a hit and she kept setting her snacks and books up on it all evening. Then it was on to her other favorite activity as of lately; being a human sprinkler with her sippy cup. Now the million other times before when she does it I get on to her and/or take the cup away when she spits the water and soaks herself but this time I just gave in because it was way too funny to resist. At one point I tried to say no but it was futile. I just have to stick a bib on her and hope to protect her clothes somewhat from a complete soaking (this time it didn't work at all)
Then I gave her some oatmeal before bed and she decided to feed herself with her spoon! This is probably only the second time she's done it (or that I've encouraged it) and she does an awesome job! I just have to assist with the scooping :) After awhile it becomes more of a toy and she starts shaking the spoon, with the food on it of course, all over the place...then self-feeding time is over!

This was definetely one of those nights when we really didn't even want to put her to bed because she was being soooo cute and so much fun!


Yesterday we went to the zoo with Matt, Wendi, and Emily and we had so much fun! We kept telling Mckayla beforehand that we were going to the zoo with Emily and she kept saying "Emiyee" over and over. Luckily we got there before the wind was at its worst but by the time we left it was insanely windy. It was really a perfect afternoon and it definetely wore us all out (well must not have worn out Mckayla too bad because she refused to nap afterwards :) Emily was excited over the bear and Mckayla was excited to play with Emily!
Emily giving the sleeping bear a five

The animals were all very lazy and they were crashed out with their arms and legs strewn out's another bear with it's paw on the glass
The part Chris was most excited about was the new Dinosaurs Unearthed part. It really was awesome, they had quite a few animatronic dino's set up. They moved and made noises, some kids were freaking out they were so scared! Mckayla didn't mind though!
The T-rex was HUUUUGE and soooo neat! It was pretty loud too!

Rhett's 4th Birthday

Last Sunday Mckayla and I went to Pump it Up here in Edmond for my friend Melissa's son Rhett's 4th birthday party! It was really neat because it was all the big fun blow up playthings with obstacle courses, slides, and just big boucing areas. All big enough for the adults too! Mckayla was too little for most of it but there was a couple that we bounced in together and a slide that we went down together. She LOVED it! Here's the birthday boy in his big inflatable throne where he opened up his presents:
Mckayla wanted to sit up there but Rhett wasn't too keen on sharing his throne!!
As always though she loved being around other little kids!
In one of the rooms they had a couple of these cozy coupe cars and she had more fun in that thing than anything else, except she kept going backwards all over the place and running into stuff!

Here she is inside one of the big bouncers (excuse the grainy pic, I only had my little camera with me)
It was a lot of fun and it was good to see my friends again! I can't believe Rhett is already 4 years old!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


She loves this hat of Chris's and she always goes into our room, gets into his closet and pulls this hat out. She has us put it on her and then she proceeds to have a conversation with herself in the full length mirror!
Or she'll use her hooded towels and just walk all over the house with it on her head!
All credit to Chris for getting these cute pictures of her!!!