Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

First of course she had to "match" her outfit :)
Then she got all dolled up and ready to go!!!
We went out to eat with Matt, Wendi, and Emily before going to Downtown Edmond for some Trick-or-Treating! Here's the girls posing for us: Princess Cinderella and Jessie the cowgirl!

We saw Abbey for a minute so I had to catch a picture of our little blue poison dart frog with the Princess :)
After we left downtown we went to the mall to see if they were still doing any Halloween activities but they weren't so we just let the girls play in the play area for a bit and burn off some energy. We had a great night!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Princess Party

Last Sunday was Mckayla's Princess Birthday party and TONS of thanks goes to Lacey for taking so many wonderful pictures and for putting them all on a cd and mailing them to me!!! You are the best! The party was so much fun, we rented out a pavilion on the pond at Hafer Park and the kids could feed the ducks and run around and then after the festivities they all got to go run around the playground for a bit. The weather was gorgeous and despite too many flies, it was a perfect party!
There were so many great pictures I had trouble deciding which few to post on here! Thanks again Lacey!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday Day

Well we had planned to take Mckayla to the Orr family farm on her actual birthday but my back pain has been so bad, I knew I wouldn't be able walk that much so we just decided to play it by ear and do whatever Mckayla wanted to do around town! The morning started off with us singing happy birthday to her and letting her open a few presents she had from Grandma & Grandpa and from us. Since we sold the train table, we got her this little pink train set that she had seen at Toys R Us and had been wanting.
Grandma & Grandpa got her this tiny Tinkerbell castle house
And here she is with the train set all set up. I just love how this set is so girly!!!

Then later in the afternoon we finally got up and around, got ready and were off for her birthday adventure!

We went to Wal-Mart so she could ride the little 50cent ride on toy at the front of the store that she is always begging to ride on...
And she also decided she wanted some peanuts...
Then we went to Interurban to eat and she got a phone call from Emily wishing her a Happy Birthday!!
Of course we had to get a brownie ice cream sundae for dessert :) she had already gotten the dessert menu opened to its' picture before we ever even ordered our meal!
Then she kept begging to go ride the carousel at the mall (we always avoid this part of the mall so she doesn't see this ride because it $1 for a short little ride) so off we went to the mall!

Then we used what change I had left to get some candy and a toy out of the candy machines. She then decided that she wanted to go to the Disney Store and we saw the manager there who always loves talking to Mckayla and is probably the sweetest lady ever anyway! The manager then presented her with a certificate from Mickey Mouse wishing her a Happy 3rd Birthday, some coloring pages and crazyons, a princess bookmark, and a free little tote bag. Mckayla was of course overjoyed and hoping up and down with excitement and we bought her a few little Rapunzel mealtime things to round out the visit. On our way out of the mall she saw Auntie Anne's and insisted on a pretzel so, of course, since it is her birthday, we got her a small one :) THEN on her way home she wanted an icy from 7-11 so I couldn't turn her down there either! To wrap it up we pretty much rode a bunch of cheap kiddie rides and let her eat a whole bunch of junk food all day. She had a ton of fun though and that's all that matters! HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY TO OUR BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL!!!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Mckayla!!!

I can't believe it. Our baby girl is THREE today!!! I've been having a lot of flashbacks already to what exactly was going on 3 years ago. The pain and anticipation of meeting our baby girl..and finally getting to see and hold her for the first time. It brings tears back to my eyes just thinking about it. Every year has been more and more of an amazing adventure with her and we can't wait for all the fun that still lies ahead! (As long as it doesn't go by TOO fast!!)
I'll post pictures of her day today later... :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Making an outfit

So Mckayla got up before we did this morning and was playing in her room. A bit later she ran in and said "mama I matched my clothes!" This isn't an unusual thing as she always has to lay out her outfits, including shoes and bow, on the floor just perfectly before putting them on. Well this morning she went above and beyond....she even brought in her brush and comb to be her arms!!! She's so clever!

29 weeks

Mckayla insisted on sneaking into the pic :)
Me and my girls!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Olivia's 3D Ultrasound

SHE'S STILL A GIRL!!! She wasn't shy at all about showing us that but she spent more than half an hour hiding her face with her hand! I tried everything I could, changing positions, snacking, drinking water, poking her, and she was just really comfy squished in by my pelvis with her hand by her face! She finally moved it at the end and we got some cute shots of her squishy cheeks!

Sticking her tongue out :)
Almost smiling at us!!!
"Peace" sign with her crazy long fingers
The view of her hand over her face that she was so fond of :)

foot and leg
cute little squished face

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birthday idea

Just a quick F.Y.I.....Mckayla LOVES those birthday cards that play songs or talk when you open them. I know this is a random post but this could even be an additional gift idea! LOL! she loves to go to Hallmark and spends FOREVER in the card section looking at all the Princess cards that are interactive! It really does seem to be the littlest things that kids love the most!