Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fit for a Princess

I finally finished the Princess room!!! I had been waiting for my Uppercase Living order to come in with the "Once Upon a Time" wall sticker to put above her dresser and I got it hung today! I know there will be more tweaks to come, like I plan on getting a new bow holder and some sort of curtain tie-backs for when we open the curtains, but the main parts are done. It won't REALLY be complete until we get her a twin bed someday and get to use the princess Pottery Barn bedding I got for her! Someday....

This is on the little wall by the door when you first walk in

I added rhinestones to her letters to spice it up a bit

I found the pink and white lamp at Target then got some bead trim at HobLob and glued it on the shade
Any other ideas for improvement are welcome!!!!

Christmas Finale

This is a huge post with everything left from all our Christmases so just keep scrolling!

I'll start with a few pics of some of our new fun gifts. Mckayla got a new vacuum cleaner with Christmas money from Chris's Grandma and Grandpa Brack:
Here she is playing with her princess castle from Grandma and Grandpa:

This is her new GORGEOUS Jim Shore Disney Princess carousel from Grandma and Grandpa:
I got new lamps for the living room :)
Princess doggy!!!
The cookies Mckayla made for Santa:
Our tree!
and our stockings:
Here's pictures from the McKay Christmas party on Sunday at my parents house:
John and Ian
What an adorable family :)

This is where Mckayla sat most of the time; at the bar in front of all the food :)

Madison got this cute little baby doll and she got so excited about it! She was making all sorts of happy noises and faces!
Abbey and Mckayla enjoying Abbey's new froggy game from Mimi:
mmm food...
Mimi opening her dirty Santa gift:
My family :)
Blowing bubbles
I loooooove Mckayla's stocking at Mimi and Papa's! Thank you Lacey and Mimi for making it!
Chris's stocking is the oddball being much bigger and backwards! Kinda fits him though :) LOL
These pictures are from the party on Saturday with Pam, John, Corey, and Brittany. Mckayla did not want Mimi to leave this spot by her at the table!
For some reason she was obsessed with playing in Mimi and Papa's bathroom in the shower and tub....
Washing her belly
An OSU snuggie we got!!! Mckayla wanted to try it on :)
We had a WONDERFUL Christmas and love everyone SO much! Thanks for making it so special!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well I'm finally posting from Christmas morning...the delay is because I was trying to get the video I took of Mckayla running in to see what Santa brought her cropped down so I could post it too, but I don't have it figured out yet so I'm going to go ahead and post the pics. Mckayla is obsessed with trains and Thomas train tables like the one on display at Toys R Us, so she made a special request to Santa for a "Thomas train table!" Like Santa usually does, he came through for her and got her this train table! What I love about this though is you don't have to buy all the super expensive wood track sets and have tons of pieces for her to knock down and pull apart because its all built in! AND it has a table top that you can put over it to turn it into an activity table! We LOOOOOVE it!
Santa also brought her this adorable baby doll stroller!
And a princess carriage with blocks, Toy Story toys, and in her stocking was the movies Toy Story and Toy Story 2 along with a bunch of other goodies.

We got her this really neat light up fish tank thing that has the fish scene that goes around it so it looks like the fish are swimming. She is pointing out Nemo here... :)
We also got her a big Magna Doodle...
She really loves this tiny stroller though (and so do I!!!!)

Thank you Santa!!! Besides the weather problems, this was our best Christmas ever!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

White Christmas

Well Chris has been driving me crazy wishing for snow and a white Christmas and he finally got it...with a vengeance! I prefer not to relive how the snow storm/blizzard started for us by us driving home from Duncan during the worst of it and getting stranded I will show you the fun part where Mckayla got to play in the snow for the first time! She was reeeeally excited!
Our street:
The snow drifts around our house were HUGE!
Up to Chris's knee and higher in parts:
Chris had to shovel out this huge snow drift so I could get my car in the garage:
Mckayla's main mission was to build we did it!!!
Mama's snow angel:
Mckayla working on a snow she would lay all the way down but she was moving her hands up and down in the same motion I was to do the snow angel wings!

Here's a video of her when we first got out there and she was trying to make a snow ball, then wanting to make Frosty:
The snow was beautiful, but Chris has decided to wish for snow FLURRIES from now on :)